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The Boat

X2 River Cruises, Boat Tours and Boat Rentals

About the River Boat

The X2 River boat is a 30 foot Italian designed, Italian made piece or art. Inspired by the Venetian taxi boat, it is a dedicated luxury river cruiser. It features real leather interior, full air conditioning, refrigeration for drinks, and a sliding targa style roof for open air sight seeing. It is powered by an Alfa Romeo turbo engine, similar to those used in Venice, providing quiet, powerful and reliable yachting.

Quick Stats

  • Length: 9.30 Meters
  • Beam: 2.80 Meters
  • Engine: Alfa Romeo Turbo
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Sound System: Yes
  • Refrigeration: Yes
  • Sliding Targa Roof: Yes
  • Safety Certified: Yes